Why Australian Made

Orrcon Steel is proud to support the iconic Australian Made campaign, and embody the values that it stands for.


The ‘Australian Made’ certification is a holistic term, one that encapsulates the grit and determination shown by businesses across the country.

Australian Made guarantees that the product is made entirely in Australia, from start to finish. It means the raw materials are derived from our natural resources, that the manufacturing is undertaken here, the supply occurs here, and the product is sold here. Everything, start to finish, is based in Australia—including the company itself.

Orrcon Steel is 100% Australian made. All our raw materials are produced in Australia, not imported from China or the US. These materials are then processed in manufacturing plants in Brisbane and Adelaide. Our distribution centres are located across the nation, and we have more than 36 stockists spread throughout metropolitan and rural Australia.

Australian Made means that at every point of production, your product benefits Australia.


Buying Australian Made means you know exactly where your product comes from, and you know exactly what goes into its production process. There is no risk of lower-quality materials being used. You know we don’t cut corners, nor risk using low-quality materials, and you know there are no substitution made for the sake of a cheaper product.

Locally produced and supplied materials means reduced transport costs. Reduced transport has the effect of an overall reduced impact on the environment. Instead of shipping and transporting materials and products from other companies, Australian Made means the raw materials are produced and manufactured right here. Choosing Australian means no long transport routes, and a reduced environmental impact

It means safer transport of your product, with less chance for damage or wear. You receive a better-quality product when it arrives on your doorstep.

Australian Made means safer working conditions for everyone throughout the supply chain. Buying products with the Australian Made certification means you can take comfort knowing that the workers at every point of production are receiving fair pay for their work, and that they work in a safe, secure, and sustainable environment. It means strict adherence to Government guidelines regarding the occupational health and safety of all facilities involved in production, providing better safer conditions for management and staff alike safe.


Australian products enjoy a reputation for superior quality—and rightfully so. Australia has some of the highest manufacturing standards in the world, and buying Australian Made guarantees your products meet these standards.

The true value of Australian Made means your product is built for Australian conditions—because the manufacturer understands our country’s unique climates. All Orrcon Steel products are guaranteed to survive Australia’s harsh summers and dry winters; they’re built to last.

Orrcon Steel ensures that suitable and adequate resources are always available for production, and manufactured in a way that ensures the best possible product is created. Our products are quality-checked at all points throughout their creation. We monitor and review the requirements of our customers to ensure our materials are meeting their needs, and we’re able to create innovative solutions that deliver best-in-class products.

As a competitive country, we aim to build, refine, and improve on how we produce our products. And we’re competitive at Orrcon Steel. Our process includes continuous improvement practices, by monitoring, reviewing, and developing our efficiencies, processes, products, and services. We’re committed to continually improving the quality, suitability, and performance of our products.

All Orrcon Steel & Metalcorp products comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards, to ensure that only the best-quality product is being delivered to your door. Where these don’t exist, but we deem them necessary, we adopt and apply internal standards.

Because our word is our bond, and the quality of our products reflects this.


Buying Australian Made means that from start to finish the wealth that our products create remains in Australia. Every dollar you spend is a dollar that’s invested back into our communities.

Buying Australian Made means you’re supporting local businesses, and enabling them to remain in operation. Keeping local businesses alive means that we create local employment, which provide jobs for the local communities. It provides stable occupation for more Australians, enabling our towns and communities to flourish. Investing money in these communities ensures that we can continue to create and manufacture our products here, sustaining these towns from the ground up.

Research conclusively proves the value of Australian Made on our economy. Every $1,000,000 created by manufacturing businesses in Australia is known to generate:

  • $333,900 worth of tax revenue
  • $985,000 worth of added value
  • $95,000 worth of savings on welfare benefits
  • 10 long-term full-time jobs

Australian Made means money being invested back into our country, and promoting a prosperous economy for everyone.


Orrcon Steel strives to set the stand for quality and safety practices in the Australian steel industry.

We’re committed to maintaining, continually developing and improving a Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO / IEC 17025.

Our steel is manufactured, inspected and tested to comply with one or more of the following standards, including:

  • Structural – AS/NZS 1163 Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections
  • Low pressure water/gas pipe – AS1074 Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service
  • Precision – AS1450 Steel tubes for mechanical purposes
  • ALLGAL® standard – AS4750 Electro-galvanised (zinc) coating on ferrous hollows and open sections.

Orrcon Manufacturing holds a number of certifications, including:

  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  • NATA accredited test facilities – ISO/IEC 17025
  • ACRS – Certified product and process conformance to AS/NZS 1163
  • Fire Sprinkler pipe CSIRO ActivFire® approved to comply with FAS 119/120 and AS4118.2.1

Orrcon Steel also supplies a wide range of other steel products that meet the required Standards from trusted Australian suppliers and manufacturers, such as;

  • Hot rolled structural sections and merchant bar – AS/NZS 3679.1
  • Line Pipe – API 5L Specification
  • Welded sections – AS/NZS 3679.2
  • Plate – AS/NZS 3678